Something was wrong.. Evresary E -POSTA Something went upside down, please try again later. Get the best and latest West raw news in your directly incoming box - sign up for a free bulletin Former West Raw defender Glen Johnson believes that West Ham United will prevent him from falling into the championship. Hammers now find the back of the Premier League in the best seven of the rear seasons of finishing. The last results have created some separation between the club and the rest teams that have occupied the lower three. Read More: Nottingham Forest, West Ham Fixture in front of Premier League request When 16 games remain, Johnson believes that the former side of the old side will be enough to protect the Premier League status for another season, but will continue to run to create a larger gap. “I think they will do, sometimes typical West Ham, because they will beat Man United, and then they will lose their feeling like a relatively simple home game, Johnson said Johnson. I think it's enough to stay out of it. “The fingers passed because they spent the first quarter of last year, so he turned completely to his head. But I hope they can run and pull a little." West Ham is currently defeating Everton and making a consecutive draws against the highly flying Newcastle United and Chelsea. Next read