On Thursday, Tiger Woods made his long -awaited return and marked his playing partner Justin Thomas on this occasion after leaving him behind in Genesis Invitational. The big winner of 15 times was playing his first competitive round in seven months after being dismissed, but he did not show a sign of rusting when hitting twice below 69. Tee was a ride on the opening tour because he constantly hit his from Thomas and Rory McILOY. As Woods and Thomas entered the ninth hole, Woods once again became better than American friends, and as the couple walked together, Thomas shifted something into the hands of Thomas. Thomas immediately threw it to the ground, Woods stayed in hysterics, he was clearly happy with the joke. Yes, Tiger Woods delivered a buffer to 100% Justin Thomas. Tiger Woods gave Justin Thomas a buffer at the opening tour on Thursday Both men saw the funny side of Woods's joke after excluding Thomas Later, he put his arm around Thomas, who saw the funny side of the incident. The cameras quickly quickly took Thomas had a buffer in the hands of Thomas. Woods' joke pointed out that he was in a comfortable mood in the golf field and continued to finish his tour in a way. The 47 -year -old round finished with three birds in a row by pleasing the large crowd in the Riviera Golf field. On Friday, the American duo Max Homa and Keith Mitchell jointly organized in the second leading round. Gotopnews.com