Delhi's second test match between India and Australia in Feroz Kotla Kotla Ground continues on Friday and already passed in the top 10 seafarers.And Muhammad Siraj was introduced in the attack in the full steam and ravichandran ashwin. However, Bowling by Mohammed Shami increased the level of interest of the audience. While running to the third, the first ball probably came out of his hand, and on the way to Wicketkeeper, he was surprised to be called wide.Instead, the referee was pointed out by Nitin Menon without ball. Following: India vs Australia, Live Points and Updates 2nd Test, 1st Day Watch the video of Shami delivery below: In the meantime, Australia made a much better start than Nagpur.Bowling with and disturbed both openers with a short -term threshold. Siraj peppered Khawaja with a bouncer in a hurry, but Warner was the most burden. The Warner was clustered in his left elbow because he missed the ball to the ball for a shoot.'I hurried and treating the game with physio forced to stop. The game was stopped for almost 10 minutes and only after Warner's right elbow was banded.He of Ks Bharat for 14 Nicking. Share this article