For a tennis fan, being a first-time player at the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tennis event of the year, is definitely an experience to remember. It's hard to miss the buzz inside the Melbourne Park complex, where energetic and courteous volunteers kindly and purposefully welcome visiting audiences. After a smooth transition from security, you are free to explore one of the largest tennis facilities in the world. In terms of prize money offered among Grand Slam events, the Australian Open is second behind the US Open and is behind Wimbledon and the French Open . Once the action begins on 33 hard courts, the most sought after action comes from three world-class courts with retractable roofs - Rod Laver Arena, John Cain Arena and Margaret Court Arena. The 14,820-seat Rod Laver Arena is the most popular course. It is named after the great tennis player who won the Grand Slam in 1962 and 1969. In fact, the Laver Cup, the annual event between Team World and Team Europe, now bears the name of the Aussie wonder. 84. READ ALSO - Student of Borg's archenemy Djokovic: Medjedovic enjoying success in Chennai Open contender Not many people know that Rod Laver stays in Melbourne every year during the Australian Open. The best players in the world do not miss the opportunity to spend time with this legend. "I care about attending the entire Australian Open every year," Rod Laver said when Rod Laver met him at a special guests dinner at the Rod Laver Arena during the Open. “It seems to be getting better every year,” the big man said during this short chat. That Club In fact, when Rod Laver isn't watching tennis, he spends his time at 'O Club', which is part of the Arena that bears his name. The menu at 'O Club' inside Rod Laver Arena. The O Club, a private hall, is reserved for special guests, tennis VIPs and sponsors of the Open.Photo RAKESH RAO The site has 25 dining options for paying viewers. It includes sit-down restaurants, quick-service food stalls, and bars. A wide range of cuisine is offered, including local Australian, international and a variety of healthy eating options. But O Club stands out. This Club offers a premium dining experience with gourmet food and designated, private seating. The O Club, clearly a private lounge, is reserved for special guests, tennis VIPs and sponsors of the Open. Needless to add, the lounge offers very high quality food and drinks. O Club's menu changes frequently, but often includes a variety of dishes such as gourmet sandwiches, salads, and sushi. In addition to food, there is a well-stocked bar serving cocktails, beer and wine. Dining at O ​​Club is a great way to relax and recharge during the Australian Open. The atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated, and the service is outstanding. Whether you're a big tennis fan or just looking for a special dining experience, O Club is the perfect choice. With legend: Australian tennis player Rod Laver with the author.Photo RAKESH RAO Those who have the privilege of being in O Club also have the opportunity to take a closer look at the trophies of the singles winners. Strategically placed on one side of the middle of the dining room, the mugs are noticed without screaming for attention. On one side, this world-class lounge offers a great view of Melbourne Park's tennis courts. The door on the other side opens to the VIP stands. These stands are reserved for invitees sitting in seats behind the server's arm. If players are out of breath after odd-numbered games, this first-class enclosure is allowed to occupy or leave their seats. Real-time statistics It's interesting to explore how Rod Laver watches and enjoys the action, while viewers at the enclosure, just like the opposite, see the action at its best. Obviously, Rod Laver, sitting in the middle of the front row, is the only person in the arena who has the advantage of a screen that displays all the stats of the ongoing match in real time. Strategically placed tables and ice boxes allow those sitting with Rod Laver to enjoy snacks and drinks while watching the action on the pitch. READ ALSO - Jay Clarke: "You don't rise to the best, you sink to the worst" Apart from Rod Laver Arena, two other world-class stadiums that offer a pristine viewing experience are the John Cain Arena and Margaret Court Arena. Considering the heat Melbourne experienced in January, the idea of ​​having retractable roofs was a very thoughtful one. You also have the Kia Arena, also known as the Show Court Arena, and the Show Courts 2 and 3 with versatile seating. It is well known that no other organizer of the Grand Slam has worked as hard as winning the Australian Open. After the end of each edition, work begins for the next year's event within a few weeks. The newly completed print is reviewed and corrective steps are taken if necessary. The team is informed about the status report and areas that need improvement are identified. No wonder the event has grown faster than the other three events that form part of the Grand Slam. This year, Novak Djokovic's 10th singles title from the Australian Open adds another piece of history to the most important event. Djokovic's resolute accusation for two weeks stood out against the backdrop of the Serbian's request to leave the country, as the previous edition did not grant permission regarding Covid. Regardless of the on-court prowess of some of the game's biggest names, the Australian Open focuses on making it an unforgettable experience for paying spectators. Every year, new elements are added that leave a tennis fan eager to return. No wonder this year's Australian Open set a new record in attendance. Next year may be even better. Obviously, the day is not far off when Melbourne will be proud to host the biggest Slams. After all, progress marks are for everyone to see and take notes.