Sony's new PlayStation VR2 headset is designed to work with only one PS5, but will it work on PCs?This is a big question that I haven't answered yet and that even Sony is now avoided.While the original PSVR receives unofficial support for the PC, PSVR2 can be as complex as working with Steamvr without Sony's help. "PSVR2 was created to be used with the PS5 console," The Verge says, "PSVR2," Sony Public Relations Representative, "We asked if Sony would officially support PSVR2 on the PC, but the company could not respond. So, what happens when you connect PSVR2 to a PC?During our review test, I tried to connect PSVR2 directly to a PC to a USB-C port in an AMD Radeon Radeon RGEon 6800XT GPU.Windows took it as a second screen and limited the resolution to 1080p, but Steamvr wanted me to wear my VR title because he couldn't recognize PSVR2. PSVR2 connected to Windows PC.Picture: Tom Warren / The Verge Sony did not encrypt the video signal via USB-C, but without driver's support, there's not much to use outside a stylish second screen.I have also tried PSVR2 controllers connected via USB and they seem to be HID -compatible game controllers.As PSVR is modeled to run on the PC, I hope that someone will finally run all of this. Third -party tools such as Trinus PSVR or IVry allow the original PlayStation VR head to work with Steamvr on the PC.However, as IVry's developer recently mentioned in Reddit, it was necessary to work hard to run things like accelerator, and open -source webcam monitoring solutions are still not as good as Sony's. While PSVR2 is connected to a single USB-C cable, larger challenges for mod developers will be traced from the inside out, tactile feedback, and supporting controllers.Obviously, it would be much better for Sony to officially support.In the last few years, Sony has made a great deal of agreement on bringing PlayStation games to the PC, but there is still no sign that Sony will officially support PSVR2 on PC. This is disappointing because it would be a really interesting alternative for PC players looking at VR headphones for $ 549. Update, 13:50 ET: The article mentioned that PSVR2 inspections can be detected on the PC.