Many updates came to the history of Minecraft for about 15 years, but the players have never had no cherry flowers. As part of the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, Mojang added a new cherry blossom bioma to the world. This biome, you guessed - you have guessed - it emerges and adds as much pink leaps to your rendering distance.It will be attracted, so you will see these animals most in these biomes. What can you do with Minecraft's cherry flowers? Cherry trees can be chopped and prepared for wooden sets. In addition, you will find the cherry tree seedlings scattered along the biom where you can dive and sew wherever you want. Advertising What are the innovations in Minecraft 1.20? Cherry flowers are only a new element in the upcoming Minecraft update. You can also create bamboo wooden sets, make hung signs and create cut book shelves.They fit in two, so you and a friend can ride a camel around the world. How to try Minecraft's cherry flowers early The instructions to test new Minecraft vary depending on the device you use.It has detailed instructions for. Advertising Remember: As in all software previews, these features are not over yet, so you have the risk of experiencing errors and other performance problems by testing them early. You cannot access the worlds or prominent servers and you can play with other players using the same version.