Workers and Sources: The Soviet Republic is a city manufacturer that focuses on how urban planning works with the communist economies of Eastern Europe during the Cold War. Unfortunately, these fans are the only person who can play the game, because after a DMCA broadcasting process, the game cannot be purchased by someone else after being removed from Steam's market. In a post made by the developers of the game Slovak Studio 3Division, it was claimed that a player who was once a respected member of our community git and started to attack the online presence of the game, and tried to get everything on the game's website. Advertising Why? It is claimed that this player wrote a guide to play the game in a more realistic way and that the developers already accepted to add it to the loans of the game while working in a game mode. Jest gave the importance in society. 3Division said that this player would not be added to loans until this new mode was completed and published. G/O Media can take $ 3 per month Special: Special Internet Access2 years2 months subscription privacy protection We all need confidentiality, especially online.IP address and browse should be hidden from unnecessary surveillance. In response to this, he claimed that the player later reported and transferred the game's website , then he began to report the other official Youtube videos from the studio.He has risen and the player says, “Now he claims that they have [realistic] game mode rights.