A new disruption in the Season of the Deep of Destiny 2 makes it easier to collect endless legendary parts through unlimited exotic drops.Super simple and easy and probably not for a long time. I reached the abuse through Destiny Flama Leopard, but the faster and generous it is spreading like a forest fire in the community.Season of the Deep has added new class -based exotic tasks for the existing equipment in Ikora Rey in the Tower.A simple number allows you to take a single exotic award and reproduce indefinitely.Here is how it works Go to Ikora and select one of the exotic tasks.Go back to the fourth step and talk to him, but don't get the prize back and step back and open your task diary and leave the task now talk to Ikora again and get as many exotic copies as you want You will want to make sure that the inventory slot is empty for the corresponding armor piece, otherwise the area is quickly filled.However, after starting once, you can begin to erase all extra exotic parts and then get more without leaving Ikora's task screen.Every disrupted exotic will give you seven Gunsmith reputation, 500 Glimmer and five Legendary Shard. Parts are used to focus on Engams, buy other resources such as upgrade modules, and get new weapons and equipment from various vendors.Especially if you are a new player, they are easy to reduce.And you never know what direction the wind will return in the economy of Destiny 2, so it's always a good time to stock up. Ad Bungie likes to quickly patch these abuse, so who knows how long it will remain.For now, it is nice that the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom replication has something to fill the hole in my heart after the latest update of that game. Update 26.05.2023 1905 et And it's already gone.rascal. Gotopnews.com