Lieutenant Titus had a long and strange journey even for a gigantic, genetically reinforced fanatics that crushed aliens.Surprisingly, for more than a decade, it was a surprisingly solid Space Marine video game, but began to come out of Rubicon Primaris for the surprise sequel that will be coming out soon.And now, in the end, he goes to the table that inspires him. In accordance with some new gaming s from the Space Marine II, which emerged yesterday as part of Games Workshop's own game news activity, the desktop miniature manufacturer will also take his own Warhammer's miniatur to Titus's Space Marine The Video Game The Video Game Headlineconfirmed.Table game. Titus, who was downloaded from the captain to the lieutenant after the first game to the lieutenant and is now further developed to the Primaris Space Marine Gene template, has a special miniature for the first time in Warhammer, and it will be difficult to get it at first.Instead of a standard version for 40K, Titus will take part in a special -boxed table game that will be specially available at Target in the USA before it is ternationally elsewhere.Titus himself will later be released as an independent miniature to play or use it as a normal primaris lieutenant in the Space Marine armies. Space Marine The Board Game Promotion - Skulls 2023 Similarly, Space Marine The Board Game will confront Titus as a lonely warrior against a herd of 22 tyranide miniatures ;It will decide how well a gamepad can smash it rather than to survive. Ad Space Marine The Board Game will be on the shelves of Target in the near future, while the Space Marine II is planned to be released in late this year. Would you like more io9 news?Check when Marvel, Star Wars and Star Trek versions will be released, what happened for DC Universe on Movie and TV, and everything you need to know about James Cameron's Avatar The Way of Water.