President Isaac Herzog asked the Chief Public Prosecutor this week to allow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow the government to establish a dialogue on his plan to weaken the legal system, but rejected this request for a conflict of interest from the hearing. Chief Public Prosecutor Gali Bahaw-Mira had previously decided that Netanyahu would not participate in the judicial revision in any way because of the guilty indictments against him. Last week, many people called on Bahaw-Mira to allow Netanyahu to discuss the plan, including some who have filled the key public service in the past. Like Herzog, these people believe that Netanyahu is the only person who can take the management coalition to compromise the plan. Open Gallery View Chief Prosecutor Gali Bahav-Mira is at a legal conference in December 2022 in Haifa. Rami Shllush Netanyahu supported the president's call for public dialogue in the revision and wants to lead the government's side. The sources close to him said that his staff wanted Bahaw-Mira to allow him to talk about it, but he turned them down. A person close to Netanyahu said, “This stupidity”. However, the Ministry of Justice officials said they have not seen any way to remove this restriction to prevent a serious conflict of interest. Bahaw-Mira at the beginning of this month, within the scope of the es of interest to Netanyahu, said that the legal system prevented it from dealing with any way to overhaul, because it may affect the criminal procedures for him. In addition to other things, direct or indirect instructions about what other people should do.It means that he may not. However, this decision was published only after Netanyahu appointed Yuval Levin as the Minister of Justice and expressing his own support to Levin's plan. At the beginning of this week, Michael Hauser Tov reported that Herzog had a special meeting with Levin on Sunday's Herzog on Sunday. A legal resource, the Ministry of Justice, Levin and other political partners, such as Netanyahu's activities behind the scenes, it would be very difficult to watch, he said.