Descope, the first developer authentication and the launch of user management platform, collected $ 53 million in a seed financing increase. The tour was ruled by Lightspeed Venture Partners and GGV Capital and saw the participation of unusual Ventures, Cerca Partners, Silicon Valley Ciso Investments, Dell Technologies Capital, Tech Aviv and J Ventures. Descope allows developers to add a few lines of authentication, user management and authorization features to consumers and business applications. The platform offers different integration flavors based on developer preferences to facilitate distributing, maintaining and updating user journeys during the application life cycle. Descope's authentication and user management platform aims to make the building easy and intuitive to authenticate authentication.It adds various authentication methods without password. The platform also confirms, unites and manages identities during the user journey, makes business applications ready for business with a single session, access control and tenant management, improves user protection and account -in -account sters, boot attacks on the session pages and session theft. Descope CEO and founding partner Slavic Markovich said, “My founding team and I have learned from the years of experience that I have learned from years of experience. “Each time, what started as a sprint line element turned into a multi -year investment and removed our focal point.." Oligo Security, an application security and observability platform, collected $ 28 million after leaving a secret period. Copyright 2023 FinTech Global