US Dollar, better retail data than expected could not lead to a rally in financial markets.. The losses of the EUR/USD currency couple reached 1.0660 support level, which is the lowest for more than a month, and settled to 1.0710 level while writing the analysis.However, strong US economic data enables the US Federal Bank to continue to be bored, which supports the US dollar more strongly. According to the US Census Bureau, US retail sales increased by 3% in January, the best monthly performance since March 2021.Reading, after a two -month decline, defeated 1.8%market forecasts. Wide gains , automobile and parts stores , furniture stores , furniture stores , electronics and tools and clothes ).). Although retail sales are not set for inflation, market analysts say that data is strong among the symptoms of alleviating the signs of alleviating inflationary prints.The 30 -year mortgage rate rose to 6.39%, while mortgage applications fell by 7.7% for the week ending on February 10th. In addition, the New York Empire State Production Index rose to -5.8 in February and rose from -32.9 in January. However, it was in the contraction zone for nine last eleven months. The next US economic data will be the Producer Price Index , trade prices and building permits. The US Treasury Market was mixed in the middle of the trading week and the comparison process has not changed at 3.761%. While a monthly return is fixed at 4.562%, 30 years old yield fell to 3.795%.The US dollar index , which has a measure against a basket, increased by 0.55% to 103.80 from 103.21 openness. The index increased by 0.4% this week and became positive annually. EURO FAILURES AGAINST DOLLARS TODAY: So far, the overall tendency of the EUR/USD currency couple is still falling. Stability is below the 1,0700 current support level that confirms the control of bears on the trend. Technical indicators go towards extreme line levels, and Forex investors may consider purchasing the currency pair from 1.0645 and 1,0575 respectively. According to the performance in the daily time period graph, the EUR/USD pair will not go back to the road without the return of the balance of over 1,0845.will interact with the announcement.