Last December, Israel announced that the game giant Playika dismissed 610 employees and made up 15% of the labor force. Playika's Israeli Studio Jelly Button was subjected to the largest impact after being closed permanently.An ad is not listed. Playika bought Jelly Button for tens of millions of dollars in 2017 - taking the first step in the direction of ordinary games: these are not for general public and religious players, but a short game time and simple rules.He didn't surprise his employees. 1 Pirate Kings developed by Jelly Button. "The local game industry is small enough, so we knew to dismiss them even before the official announcement."He worked as a senior union developer in Jelly Button for three and a half years.This way I learned. "He created unpleasant situations," he confessed E. "I avoided talking to people at work. Slowly people stopped corresponding to the loosening of the company."There were people who heard it for the first time in the party and began to cry immediately. I avoided going there. There was no one to ask. Middle -level management, learned about the dismissal, because the senior director was not in the office." Finally, the announcement was made in the form of a video from the coo of the company, which was reflected in the studio cuisine: "Playika'nın decided to remove the unreasonable parts of our operations' explained. Victor , who has been working in Jelly Button for more than a year as a union developer, "I can put myself on the other side and understand why they're closing us. But little, selfish, really sad. We are committed to these games.It is an adventure for Playika, and at this stage, companies do not want to get new adventures. " A few years after the purchase by Playika, the studio did not publish new games. "Studio was losing money," he admitted. Studio also launched "Dice Life", another game in "Soft". "Two games - one for a global launch and the other oneDe Playika's cost of millions of dollars in marketing is about to start. " "Many people were surprised and said the games were successful," he said.As long as we showed outside, he felt that we were working on games without social casino games. "Playitika, Jelly Button had to admit that it was a wreck," E. added E. "Playika, 'We are good to invest in games and help them grow, but we cannot support them for a long time." Last month, Playika announced an investment of 25 million dollars to Turkish game company Ace Games.