A group of Wednesdays attacked the Wednesday troops from the Golani Brigade, who chased the suspects in the arson of a Palestinian vehicle in the Orif village of the West Bank. IDF spokesman, the attackers driving wildly towards the military vehicle, blocked, trying to enter and pushed the soldiers said. "The IDF spokesman added that IDF condemned any violence against soldiers and security forces. Security forces will continue to work to ensure security, law and order in the West Bank and will work to prevent violence and harm to citizens and inhabitants." On Wednesday, es exploded between the border police officers and Jews protesting the dismantling of an olive Grove built on the private Palestine territory of the West Bank's Shiloh Valley neighborhood. Duzines young Jewish protesters came to Olive Grove on Wednesday morning and tied themselves to the trees. Nasty NGO Honenu said that at least 40 of the protesters were detained, although they were released soon. On Wednesday, the border police then announced that four officials were suspended after attacked one of the protesters. After the conflicts and the es, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir asked the border police forces in the West Land under the command of the next cabinet meeting. Later on the day, the border police, after the camera attacked one of the demonstrators, four officers were suspended. After the next es, the National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, the border police requested the authority to be justified by the West Bank Department. Gotopnews.com