A tank used in the Yom Kippur War in 1973 was stolen by former IDF troops working in the war on Thursday from the monument site in Tel Saki in Golan Heights. The Israeli police were stolen in the afternoon of the Tank to use the government's judicial reforms in a demonstration. After receiving a report informing them about theft, the police began to search in the region and found the tank in a trailer near Kibbutz Gadot in the North Calilee region. Tank received for a protest The preliminary investigation shows that the tank was taken by Yom Kippur War veterans without permission to use the government as a support in a protest against the planned judicial reforms. The driver of the vehicle and the protest organizer was detained to inquire at the police station in Katsrin. A copy of the Tank and the Declaration of Independence on a protest against the government. To this end, they put a great copy of Israel's declaration of independence in the tank and put their signatures as a sign of support for protest. In addition, the word "democracy" is written next to the tank. "Israeli police should take action immediately and accuse those who stole military equipment. The stolen of the tank is a direct result of the incentive of Ahaaron Barak, who likens the legal reform to the revolution of the tanks. The word 'democracy' was painted in the stolen tank. "The radicalization of the reform opponents becomes a threat to the future of the Israeli state as a Jewish and democratic state after trying to break the fences of Knesset this week. Protest leaders, the responsibility of calming souls before they return to physical violence, '' he added. "A protest should know how to set boundaries for him. While damaging the martyrs of the wars of Israel, celebrating the legacy of the war crosses a red line." Gotopnews.com