The Musa Ben Maimon Synagogue in Abu Dhabi was opened on Thursday and this Saturday will perform its first Sabbath services. Each worship house is carefully designed by including traditional materials and architecture used in all three beliefs.and the Torah against Jerusalem points to Scrolls. On Thursdays and Fridays, a conference opened a synagogue with a guided tour, ceremonial and lunch for the Jewish community . On Friday, a conference will be held to discuss the future relations between religions. Among the speakers of AJC, AJC's International Director of Religious Affairs, Rabbi David Rosen..Mirati president of the Torah scroll will be dedicated. Ibrahim Family House. President Mohamed bin Zayed was expected to attend the opening ceremony on Thursday, but it was reported that the UAE's internal minister Saif bin Zayed would replace it. Rosen visited all three sites all over the world and said to the Jerusalem Post on Thursday.”Rosen explained that these three prayer houses are located near all national and central museums in Abu Dhabi,“ Millions of tourists will visit these three worships because they have an incredible visibility. This is an opportunity to present the legacy of the Jewish people." The first purpose synagogue in the UAE Abrahamic Family House is home to the first purpose in the UAE.He remembers the Jewish Sukkot Festival, in which the communities built a tent as sets for gathering and food in their gardens."