Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese Shiite Milis Hezbollah, in his speech on Thursday, said that the Israeli government has created a dual conflict - one and one and one, with the Palestinians who threaten to be a regional conflict. " Nasrallah, in 2008 in a explosion in Damascus, the former military leader Imad Moughniyah, including senior Hezbollah martyrs, including the event, "Israeli people lost faith in the system of military, leadership and justice."Said. Nassrallah also, Israeli President Isaac Herzog'un last Saturday mediation speech by referring to the words, a barrel waiting to explode Israel is worried about Israel.. Nassrallah, "the biggest threat we encountered in the region will disappear before reaching the 80th anniversary," he said. "The steps taken by Israel against Palestinian prisoners, increasing tension and rise," the President of the Palestinian Liberation Committee, President of the Palestinian Liberation Committee, on Thursday, is on Thursday. His mission was shared with an announcement by the Palestinian Prisoners Club, who claimed that the Israeli forces raided the homes of family members of Palestinian security prisoners in East Jerusalem, and said that the Israeli forces were a grant by the Palestinian authority. On Tuesday, the Palestinian prisoner's leadership committee said, "Since I started to work, we have posed for the difficulty he posed and organized accordingly." The prisoner's leadership talked about Ben-Gvir's ban on prisons to prisons and declared a hunger strike that started on the first day of Ramadan at the end of March.It will be open. "Said. Gotopnews.com