Israeli Police Chief SME Shabtai sent a letter on Thursday, indicating that the role of the police should act for the security and safety of the people and act in a 'statist' and make decisions without external intervention other than laws. "Protest is a fundamental democratic right. While always keeping public security and legal provisions in mind, we need to control it with much equality, state and restriction as possible, and we must regulate in the past." Shabtai's words last week, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir condemned the Jerusalem Regional Police Chief for olma Losing control over anarchists, during an anti-government protest in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's special residence in the city. "As long as they operate in accordance with Israeli Police Procedures and Laws, Shabtai stressed that" the commanders in the field fully support the decision -making process ". Shabtai, Israeli society is currently "complex and important at a significant time."And it has become a vital basic element in ensuring its security and will continue to be. " Open Gallery View Netanyahu government last week against the plan to overwhelm Israel's judiciary in Jerusalem. In response to Ben-Gvir's accusations against Doron Turgeman, Jerusalem Regional Chief of Jerusalem last week, Shabtai said that the police forces still operate in the field instead of "professional", "the explanation of the issue to the public" was unfortunate.It was carried out after the reality of the investigation. Shabtai, "Jerusalem region, commanders and chief Doron Turgeman'ı, promotional and follow -up of the discretionary authority to cope with the discretionary authority," he stressed.