Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, on Thursday, threatening Israel's karşi natural gas field again, the Lebanese waters to "postpone the gas for Lebanon," postponement ", warned that the mixture will not allow the activity to continue. "If there is a postponement of the Lebanese waters on oil and gas, will we let Israel continue to remove oil and gas from Kariş? Nasrallah warned you well." Hezbollah leader, the United States on the shores of Lebanese and gas and oil to "should be told to avoid" should be told, "he added. "If there is a postponement of the Lebanese waters on oil and gas, will we allow Israel to continue to remove oil and gas from Kariş? You thought of what I said well."Hasan Nasrallah In the months before the signing of the maritime border agreement between Israel and Lebanon last year, Nasrallah made a series of similar threats against the kariş field.Hezbollah also threw a series of reconnaissance planes towards the gas field and most of them were dropped by IDF.The day before the signing of the agreement, the Energean company began to produce gas from Kariş field. At the beginning of this week, Energean exported the hydrocarbon fluids extracted from the Karish field to global markets, which exported such hydrocarbon fluid in the history of Israel. Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Seyyid Hasan Nasrallah makes a speech on television in this screenshot taken from Al-Manar TV images, Lebanon, 18 October 2021. Meanwhile, gas and oil exploration works on the coast of Lebanon are slowly progressing.Last month, Qatar's oil and gas company Qatarenergy announced that he would participate in oil and gas exploration activities on the coast of Lebanon with the French Totalenenergies and Italian width. According to Reuters, Totalenenergies and Eni said that they expect to start evaluations in early February in January and to start drilling in the third quarter of 2023.However, if there is any reservoir on the shores of the country, it may take years for Lebanon to produce oil and gas. In his speech on Thursday, Nasrallah also warned that the United States would not establish any "conspiracy" against Lebanon and said that Hezbollah would "extend his hand to Israel and those who wait for us to stand empty."Hezbollah leader has repeatedly accused the US of exacerbation of the economic crisis in Lebanon. Nasrallah, "the Americans in Lebanon in Lebanon, I tell you that you will lose everything if they want to sow the seeds of chaos," he said."Those who bets that the pain and suffering will discourage our environment from their principles and successes." Nasrallah, "If you drag Lebanon to chaos, you should wait for chaos in the whole region, especially Israel, which is your protection," he said."As we are ready to war to defend our oil, your protection is ready to extend our weapons to Israel." "We were ready to go to the war option on the borders of the sea. Today I say that those who want to drag Lebanon into chaos or collapse should wait for those who cannot even be imagined and we will see tomorrow." Nasrallah's comments came as Lebanon's economic and political crises continued to increase. The Lebanese lira reached a new low level on Thursday against the US dollar and fell to 80,000 pounds per dollar.At the beginning of February, the dollar rate was at the level of 60,000 pounds. Banks closed their doors on Thursday, as part of an open -ended strike to put pressure on the Lebanese government.The protesters set fire to the banks to protest the latest deterioration in the national economy, burned tires in the middle of the streets and closed the roads. The Lebanese government still does not have a president after the former President Michel Aoun ended his term of office in October after the Parliament's attempts to choose a new president for four months. The news agencies in Lebanon included articles that expressed concerns that the situation in the country can "explode" due to worsening crises. Political Crisis in Israel Nasrallah also touched upon the political crisis in Israel, "The situation in the existence of the enemy is unique, strategic environment and the stupid government, the issues, one in Israel, the latter pushes to two major conflicts, such as Israel. Palestinians and all the region." "For the first time in the Zionist formation, we hear that civil war, bloodshed, explosion and proximity to the former defense ministers from the president, former prime ministers and former defense ministers," he said.Hezbollah leader."The head of the occupation organization personally accepted the fear of a close internal explosion and the collapse of the organization." Nasrallah also referred to the tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank and the last "lonely wolf" terrorist attacks against the Israelis, "The stupid Zionist government can climb the tension not only in Palestine, but in the whole region, and this is a possibility, especially the Masjid-i Aqsa." Gotopnews.com