MDI Health, a Healthcare Analytics company, earned $ 20 million in the A Series financing and increased the company's total financing to 26 million dollars. Intel Capital went on a tour with the participation of Maverick Ventures in addition to existing investors. Intel Capital's investment director Yoni Greifman will participate in the Board of Directors of MDI. What do they do Israel -based MDI offers an AI -enabled tool that provides a drug risk analysis based on the patient's medical records in order to prevent negative drug reactions. The funds will help the company scares US and Israel research and development teams. "MDI Health is directed by our mission to help end the preventive pain of patients with a fashionable approach to a single body," MDI Health, "MDI Health, CEO and founding partner of MDI Health, said in a statement.He said. Market Instant Image Negative drug reactions are one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in health care, but the number of affected in the US has decreased in the last 25 years. Another company aiming to reduce ADS is DOSIS, a cloud -based platform with AI -supported, AI -supported platform that helps a patient responds to the drug and offers dosage suggestions.