On Monday, the organizers of the protests against the government's judicial revision declared a large rally except Knesset, walks in various cities and the closure of some businesses as the “National Struggle Day olan. Demonstrations, the coalition's choice of judges (and a bill to immune basic laws to judicial supervision; “This is probably the progress of the most dangerous laws. Weekly protests against the government's judicial make -up are expected to continue on Saturday night and plan to close the central areas in Tel Aviv. Smaller demonstrations are expected in Judah and other cities. In addition, an anti -government rally is planned next Tuesday, except for the Israeli Consulate in New York, a series of US Jewish and Israeli groups. Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions Meanwhile, Histadrut Working Federation Chief Arnon Bar-David said he would not enter the solidarity through protests on Monday and call the opposing parties to call for reconciliation negotiations as recommended by President Isaac Herzog. On Monday, at least 70,000 people gathered in Jerusalem as part of a country -wide strike to protest the government's plan to make radical, comprehensive changes to the judiciary. Jerusalem protests and concurrent demonstrations in other cities coincided with the first vote in the legislation in a Knesset Committee. Advertising One day after Herzog made a rare objection to negotiations and reconciliation on the plan, the day after the legislation progressed, and submitted a five -point bid for negotiations with the jurisdictions. Herzog warned that the country was on the verge of “social and constitutional collapse, at the address he made on television, and called on the defenders of both sides to avoid violence against public officials and elected authorities. Legal officials, finance and business leaders and security guards have also issued a regular flow of warnings against the government's plans. The legal revision, which was put forward by the Minister of Justice Yariv Levin and supported by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will give the total control of the government's appointment of judges, including the Supreme Court and to limit the ability to violate the legislation of the Supreme Court, the court is only 61 mk's naked.Most of them manages to cancel. Critics, with other planned legislation, say that comprehensive reforms will weaken Israel's democratic character by disrupting the system of control and balances, giving almost all the strength to the executive branch and leaving individual rights unprotected and unidentified. Netanyahu and other coalition members rejected the criticism. Gotopnews.com