To share: Silver cannot benefit from the modest intraday increase until the 100 -day SMA support segment. The technical installation supports expectations for an extension of a well -established decline trend. However, bears can wait for a break below 50% Fibo. Silver is fighting for a solid aspect on Thursday and provocations between warm gains/minor losses to the North American session. Beyaz Metal is currently located above $ 21.00 and has been touched on Wednesday since November 2022.It remains good. From a technical point of view, the persuasive break under the 100 -day SMA and acceptance can be seen as a new trigger for bears. Along with this, the oscillators in the daily graphics have passed to the threshold of entering the extremely sold area.From the last rally, 50% Fibonacci helps to defend the retreat level. This makes it cautiously to wait for a tracking sales area of $ 21.40 below the above support before being positioned for a further decline. Technically, a significant 200 -day SMA is currently near the $ 21.00 sign. On the Flip side, 100 days of SMA support cut, about $ 21.85, now $ 22.00 and 38.2% FIBO.Mady movement, $ 22.60-22.70 $ close to the supply zone can continue to attract fresh sellers.It should be near the $ 23.00 sign representing 23.6 % FIBO. However, a convincing break in the latter can balance the negative appearance and shift the short -term prejudice in favor of bull traders. The then movement has the potential to lift the XAG/USD to the $ 24,00 round figure mark.It can challenge. Silver daily graphics Key levels to be followed