The barl bar in Tel Aviv was opened by Yehuda Shmueli in memory of Küçük Brotherbarel, who was killed in Gaza while working in the private operation unit of the border police. Follow YnetNews on Facebook and Twitter “In 2021, the first sergeant Barel Hadaria Shmueli was killed near the Gaza border and he was a source of greatness and inspiration for us,” he reads a record. 3 View 'Barel' Bar Gallery in Tel Aviv "After this terrible incident, I had to continue life.Says. After a painful loss, it was not easy for Jehuda, who said it was the crazy thing he did. He decided to get a loan and make a place to make people happy. ", but I chose a way to love. " Customers arrive from all over Israel. At first, the business fought and almost went bankrupt, but Jehuda never gave up honoring the memory of his brother, who pushed him to stand up. "Whenever I dream of him when I'm here, there are moments I'm alone, and I ask myself: What would he tell me when I needed some advice or courage? Initially, the business marketing and management only operates on a small scale, but in the end, Jehuda realized that he had to put more in his job to work successfully. 3 Gallery View Shmueli “Initially, we didn't know how to carry out a business ourselves and how to do things right, or he says.“ Over time, we still learned and educated ourselves with the help and support I have. ” The Bar was accepted by "Keren-Shhemes", which allows him to work with his owners of financial advisor Elad Rubinstein, one of the major banks of Israel, which helps small businesses. Rubinstein understood the needs and potential success of the work and provided professional tips to help the bar further develop. Yehuda, "I have worked on the field for more than a decade. I started to work again after the of Barel, but I felt that it was not as easy as before. I need to give people information about my brother," he said.He added that he opened his own bar. 3 Gallery View 'Bare' Bar Logo "My Hayalim 'Barel's success and development and development can enjoy the experience offered by the bar and learn the story of a hero who contributes to Israel." Rubinstein advised Shmueli to rent a financial advisor to help his work regularly. He also advised Jehuda to set clear goals for him to better follow and manage the financial growth of his business.