The IDF spokesman unit attacked the IDF troops after burning a Palestinian vehicle near Urif village early on Wednesday morning on Wednesday morning. The Palestinian media said on Wednesday that a vehicle belonging to Rajeh Hussein Al-Safadi, a resident of Palestinian West Bank, was burned by Israeli settlers. The settlers were identified by IDF Lookouts as they were divided into Palestinian village from Yitzhar. IDF troops from the scene were blocked by the settlers in a vehicle. A discussion began and IDF tried to arrest the driver, but the car managed to help him escape. The soldiers began to pursue the settlers who fled the scene. During thekovalam, another car came from Yitzhar and accelerated towards the soldiers, almost ran them. The Palestinians are studying a vehicle burned by unknown attackers in the West Bank on 15 February 2023 in the West Bank. One of the settlers then called for "backup" from Yitzhar, and the other 15 vehicles came to the scene and blocked and broke the soldiers. The settlers pushed, curses and prevented the soldiers. At one point they tried to enter military vehicles. "IDF condemns any violence against soldiers and security forces. Security forces will continue to work in order to protect security, law and order in Jewish and Samari, and will work to prevent violence and harm to citizens and inhabitants," he response. Settlements attack IDF with increasing numbers IDF troops have been repeatedly attacked by settlers in the West Bank in recent months. In November, when Parshat Chayei Sarah was read, a woman in the city of Israel marked Shabat, a woman IDF was attacked by the Israelis in Hebron. The soldier was attacked during a conflict between Israeli worship and Palestinians at the entrance of Israel's first Bible Judge Otniel Ben Knaz. In October, the commander of the IDF's 202th Parachutist Battalion and a soldier were injured by settlers who sprayed pepper in Huwara, the Palestinian town near Nablus. The battalion came to Huwara at hours to suppress a violent settler rebellion against the Palestinians in a town serving as one of the commercial centers for the region. Tovah Lazaroff contributed to this report.