The Palestinians said on Thursday that social media platforms, including popular China short -form video hosting service, are one of the main reasons behind the participation of children in terrorist attacks. Political activist Ibrahim Odeh from East Jerusalem said, “Children are affected by the videos and publications they see on social media.“ “Every child has a smartphone or computer, where they are exposed to all things.” Odeh said that the participation of three children aged 13 and 14 in the recent attacks in Jerusalem did not surprise many Palestinians." “Children are influenced by the videos and broadcasts they see on social media. Every child has a smartphone or computer, where they are exposed to all kinds of things."Ibrahim Odeh In Silwan, a 13 -year -old child opened fire on a group of Israel and seriously injured a father and son..Alqam was shot and killed by police officers. The Palestinians believe that the attack in Neve Yaakov was mostly in response to the killing of nine Palestinians during an Israeli security operation in a Jenin refugee camp. Safety forces at the scene following the terrorist attack in David, David in East Jerusalem last Saturday. It is not clear whether the in Silwan is inspired by the Neve Yaakov attack, or whether the Palestinian factions are in response to the calls to avenge the s in Jenin. However, the residents of Silwan, 13-year-old attacker in response to Israel's “provocations” did not ignore the possibility of carrying out the attack, the Jews al-Aqsa mosque compound . Temples are described by the Palestinians as “Storm by Jewish settlers and excessives.In addition, the mosque is accused of “defining” reasons. For this reason, it is said that “defense ına is a religious duty against Palestinians, including children, against Israel's“ aggression ”of Israel. A resident of the neighborhood said, “Children in Silwan are facing many provocations of police and Jewish settlers.” The Jews, which the “settlers ğı are the Jews living in the nearby city of David. Residents, Jews and Arab young people claimed that the friction between Silwan is not rare. In late January, 17 -year -old Wadi Aziz Abu Ramouz of wounds he had previously suffered during the es with the police there. The scenes of young people and children who throw air cartridges or throw air cartridges in police officers and vehicles in various parts of East Jerusalem are common. Terrorist attacks and arrests Last year, the police arrested dozens of young people on suspicion of participating in such attacks. Was were imprisoned, others were under house arrest. Last week, two children participated in stabbing attacks in the old city and the Shuafat refugee camp in Northern Jerusalem. In the first incident, an Israeli teenager was wounded. A 14 -year -old child arrested the camp on suspicion of performing the attack. In the second case, a 13 -year -old child from the Shuafat camp stabbed the border police officer Asil Suaed, who was accidentally shot by the civil security guard.Then he succumbed to his wounds. The three children who carried out the attacks in Jerusalem were not dependent on any Palestinian factions. After they were exposed to incentives that were ongoing incentives, especially on social media, especially social media and their homes and schools, they acted as “lonely wolves .. Like many Palestinians, children watch armed from the armed group of Nablus -based Lions and from the armed battalion while dealing with the Israeli troops.There are other Palestinians who do. In Nablus and Jenin, Palestinian minors are said to look at Israeli soldiers by some armed groups or transfer guns and explosive devices to another. An experienced East Jerusalem school teacher said, “This is a disturbing phenomenon.