To share: EUR/USD extends the three -day -long lined line to renew the six -week low level. Strong US data, Hawkish Fed negotiations US dollars, Treasury bond returns reverse acceleration. In the minutes of ECB, the statements of the policy makers are investigating less hawk and euro bulls. Geopolitical fears add strength to Greenback's demand for paradise and weigh aggr/USD in the light calendar. EUR/USD Bears depicts a three -day decline trend at the beginning of Friday, while the lowest level of 1,0630 in six weeks. The last decline of the big currency couple is similar to the US dollar Run-up and the mixed clues from the European Central Bank officials. While printing the rise of Greenback, the US Dollar Index grinds 1.5 months surrounding the surrounding area previously marked in Asia.He applauds his concerns about his next movement, strong US data and optimistic comments from the FED policy makers. A number of US statistics related to inflation, employment and output support the power that pushes the Fed's policy pivot negotiations back. At home, the latest comments of policy -makers, including Fabio Panetta and Chief Economist Philip Lane, the Monthly Bulletin of ECB and the ECB, show that a cautious monetary policy movement is needed among economic jitters. Elsewhere, more US-China's fears on spy balloons and Taiwan also increase the demand of the US dollar safely, which focuses on the EUR/USD price. Against this fund, S&P 500 -term transactions, on Thursday after the most low level of low level in a month, while 0.30% of 4.086% of 4.086%.While rising to the height, the two -year US Treasury bond has been renewing its highest levels since November 2022 and increases to 3.88% and 4.68%. Continuing, a light calendar and well -tuned hawk Fed concerns, ECB's future ratio increases, EUR/USD's Federal Open Market Committee monetary policy of the next week is likely to decrease in front of the meeting minutes. Technical analysis A clear negative break of the three -month support line is now participating in the 50 -day mobile moving average fault to keep the resistance around 1,0710, EUR/USD.