IDF Chief of General Staff Herzi Halevi reportedly reached Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to object to the authorization plan on a Ministry of Defense Ministry responsible for civil issues in the West Bank. Netanyahu has recently been under significant pressure to comply with the conditions of the coalition agreement signed between Smotrich's Likud party and Smotrich's civilian administration, which Smotrich will control the civilian administration. The Power Transfer of the Ministry of Defense, responsible for allowing the destruction of the illegal Israel and the Palestinian building in the IDF controlled C region of the Organ of the Ministry of Defense, did not take place in the midst of a significant return from the power transfer of the Ministry of Defense of the Ministry of Defense.In addition to concerns, critics argue that delivering the control of a West Bank authority to a civilian office directed by the Minister of Finance would mean an act of annexing. Channel on Thursday, said in a statement with Netanyahu in his last speech Halevi, the power transfer will lead to a failure under the command of IDF, he argued. Even if the transfer is realized, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and IDF will remain responsible for security problems in the West Bank.Smotrich, who has been defending for a long time, is given a control of the civil administration and if he opposes such destruction, a chaotic situation may settle. Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions Channel 13, Halevi's concerns Smotrich'in similar to the opposite to the Gallant said. Halevi's predecessor Aviv Kohavi, last month before resigning his own opposition against the movement, he said. Chief Public Prosecutor Gali Bahav Miara, Israel, Smotrich'in Smotrich'in sought a little authority, considering that the West Bank did not formally annexed the legal reservations. Smotrich reproduced his request on Wednesday after the dismantling of the trees that were illegally erected by a settler in the West Bank in an operation that led to conflict between civilian administration, settlers and security forces. Advertising Smotrich condemned the operation as an ısışışışılışışışışışışışında An injustice to heaven, and asked Netanyahu to immediately transfer to the coalition agreements, where he emphasized that his authority over civilian administration was “the basis of the existence of the coalition”. Smotrich blamed Netanyahu of this on this issue of “unacceptable foot dragging ve and said that he would later hold a“ emergency ör group meeting on Wednesday to discuss the next steps of the religious Zionism Party. Later, Walla News Outlet assured that Netanyahu was in contact with Smotrich and that the agreement would be honored and that he would be given to his powers as soon as possible.