On Friday, the Minister of Communication Shlomo Karhi entered the son of another Likud Minister of Likud, as he expressed his opposition to the plans to close three of the public broadcaster's radio stations. “The judicial reform opposes the reform and opposes my efforts to reform the media market, Kar Karhi tweeted Yair Katz.Katz, President of the Israeli Aviation and Space Industries Workers' Union, is the son of Tourism Minister Haim Katz, a great Likud Powerbroper. “But the big question, who already wanted him?” Karhi accused his comments before he directed Katz Junior ”. “Your father has plans for you in Likud. It would be embarrassing for you to ruin them,” he added. Karhi's post included the screen shoot of an article about the criticism of Katz's Criticism of the Minister of Communication.Kat Katz tweeted on Thursday. Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions Katz, who responded to Karhi's criticism, said, “Baybakan, drink a glass of water!" Küçük Katz insisted that the government supported the plans to overcome the judiciary, and at the beginning of this week, President Isaac Herzog called on the call to establish dialogue with the opposition, rather than a wide consensus. Katz rejected Karhi's claim that he was motivated by the desire to be the next president of the Histadtrut Labor Federation. Advertising “Although we are allowed to win and manage the elections in a democratic way, this does not mean that important parts of the nation should make them feel that they have lost their country,” he said. Karhi's Blood Radio Leadership on Thursday, calling to open up to a special competition for a meeting to discuss the closure of three stations.They argued that they should not finance. Karhi initially tried to close the public broadcaster, but at the beginning of this month, it was reported that he was forced to step back from the plan in the middle of the widespread return. At the meeting of the coalition heads, a decision was made to try to limit the number of public wars he faced, so that he can give full priority to the effort to significantly weaken the power of the Supreme Court. Karhi's public -open broadcasting plan also drew opposition and protests, including some of the most popular public figures in the country. The decision of the coalition leaders also includes suspending Karhi's plan to reduce the Blood of Kan hundreds of millions of sugar. Advertising Blood hit the air waves in 2017 after a long legislative war to close and change the predecessor Israeli Publishing Authority. At that time, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has worked as Minister of Communication for years, strongly opposed the creation of Kan, and claimed that it was very difficult to control the left wing and the internal dispute almost reduced his coalition in 2017. Gotopnews.com