MK Limor Finally Otzma Yehudit Party MK Limor last Har-Melech, Thursday night during the West Bank on Wednesday in the of a group of police officers who wanted to be suspended against a group of police officers filed an official complaint. His son Har-Mech and other activists were trying to prevent the security forces from removing illegal trees erected by a settler in the North West Bank." said. In the complaint submitted to the Ministry of Internal Investigation of the Ministry of Justice, his son Har-Malech accused his officers “serious abuse” and “a clear violation of parliamentary immunity. As an MK, his son Har-Melch is usually exempt from movement or entry limitations to places that may be valid for regular citizens. Eladi Wiesel, the lawyer of his son Har-Melech from the Honenu Forensic Aid Organization, told the incident and said that the police used the force that adhered to MK and used the force in one of the officers who attacked the leg in an aggressive way.And in some cases it can be considered sexual harassment." Take Times of Israel's Daily Edition with E -Posta and Best Stories Bulletin E -Posta never miss our address, register, take the conditions, you accept the conditions Complaints who want to be suspended by the security personnel, the Shiloh West Bank settlement during the incident near the incident, and his son Har-Melch as an Orthodox Jewish woman used the "Privacy and humility", he said. The event was caught in the video and appeared to be trying to hold the MK while trying to remove the police from the cords. His son Har-Mech was one of the two MKs who participated in dozens of activities while trying to physically prevent security forces from fulfilling their order. Advertising After the debate and his son Har-Melch's subsequent accusation, the police made a statement that they operate with great sensitivity and determination while led to respectful dialogue and showing professional behaviors during the incident ”. In the same on Wednesday, the police officers strongly arrested a man during the protests, and three border police officers were suspended. בעיטה לפנים ???? באיז stop מדינה אנחנו We חים? The s showed that the officers pushed one man, that an officer kicked him, and the other punched him. Videoda was detained violently in the region. On Thursday, 24 hours after the incident, the residents, in the middle of the night to complete the removal of the trees in the middle of the night, the defense institution said the sources in the defense organization, Channel 12, the operation continued on Wednesday evening after the es with the settler activists and the rest of the trees were removed from the root of the root said. Jeremy Sharon contributed to this report.