Nikki Haley takes Swipes in Republican Ron Desantis in 2024 Trail and Democrat Joe Biden The show title Hide Caption Nikki Haley, announced that he was running for the President through social media, Nikki Haley served as the Governor of South Carolina and also as the UN Ambassador under the US President Trump. Megan Smith and Claire Hardwick, USA Today Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina government, who has just released from the launch of an official presidential campaign, shifted to the competitors in New Hampshire on the left and right Thursday in New Hampshire and China's spy balloon program, including Joe Biden. One Exeter, N.H.Haley at the Town Hall, GOP'un 2024 to win the "best way" "" "The White House said that a badass woman said. Haley is the first great Republican to challenge Trump for the party's candidacy. Explained: Don Lemon apologizes after saying that Nikki Haley was not 'Prime Minister': Can Nikki Haley win?: New Hampshire offers difficulties and opportunities when looking for 2024 GOP nomination In addition, this month, Iowa hosts the first meetings in the traditional country and begins to talk to the state's republican voters, authorities and activists. Haley, how did he apply to the voters in New Hampshire: Live Political Updates: FOX Hosts 2020 Election Fraud claims Haley entered the modern GOP cultural wars and said that Florida's controversial training, which restricts the debate on gender identity and sexual orientation in public schools, did not go “enough” at the first town hall in New Hampshire on Thursday. Haley said, “What he said is basically, you should not be able to talk about the gender before the third grade, Hale he said, Haley said, Florida Gov.Without mentioning Ron Desantis. "I'm sorry, I don't think it's going forward enough." Haley's interpretation of the draft offers a preview of the primary struggle, since Desantis is thought to launch its own presidential proposal in the near future. GOP Starting Gate for 2024: Iowa sees the fluctuation of announced and potential candidates Haley criticized President Joe Biden about the Chinese spy balloon shot in early February. Haley said, the idea that the Americans will see a Chinese spy balloon flying over us and fly over us, Haley Haley said, Haley said. Race for 2024: Nikki Haley calls 'new generation' - preferably it - at the first campaign rally “The number one threat we have is China, Haley Haley continued, more applause and cheer than the audience. Haley touched on identity information as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, and committed the support of the US government to Ukraine at a time when the Republicans will continue to help Ukraine. Nikki Haley Who?: Old S.C.GOP Governor announced a run for the president in 2024 “This war with Ukraine is not a war about Ukraine. This is a war of freedom, Hale he said, answering the question of a participant.“ And this is a war we must win. ” However, Haley does not mean that we have written the conditions of support and “this does not mean that we send unity. Haley attacked Biden on the southern border and touched upon immigration, and on Friday, New Hampshire asked for a national task to confirm the suitability of its employees at a town hall in Manchester. By referring to the authority that its own Southern Carolina confirms that employees are legally suitable for employees, the authority of a complete audience should be applied at the federal level throughout the country. South Carolina signed its duty to the law. “There should be no illegal hiring businesses. Haley Haley said, cheering and applause from the crowd.