Shekel has weakened against the dollar and the euro today. The Israeli Bank set the representative shekel-strokes today as 0.791%, NIS 3.566/$ from Thursday, and the representative Shekel-Euro ratio was set 0.158% higher in NIS 3.794/€. Shekel has been weakening against the US currency since the beginning of November and has lost 5% against the dollar last month. According to Yossi Fraiman, PrICO Risk Management and Investments CEO, Shekel's weakening of the dollar is caused by various factors. The first, the dollar index says that the power of the dollar is at a height of the world's large currencies. "The need to prevent inflation of the US federal reserves and high US manufacturing, price index and sales data have led to decreases in Wall Street, which led to decreases in Wall Street, which led to the activity of Israeli investment institutions." At the same time, Fraiman explains that the uprising surrounding the Israeli government's planned judicial reform also focuses on the Israeli currency. "In Israel, money continues to flow from local banks because of concerns about the impact of judicial reform among investors on a series of issues." Fraiman, NIS 3.62/$ will be a point of resistance to test forex traders. On Monday, the Israeli Bank Monetary Committee will explain the interest rate increase in inflation efforts. Analysts expected an increase of 0.25%., analysts now predict that it would be a 0.5% hike. Published by Globes, Israel Business News - - on February 17, 2023. SPORTS Copyright Publisher Itonut Ltd., 2023.