Gold price, graphics and analysis RECOMMENDED BY GOLD RECOMMENDED BY ZAIN VAWDA Read More Price Action Installation on Gold Gold Outlook, Fomc minutes, increasing treasure returns Gold prices decreased yesterday as a combination of the weight of the US treasury and a stronger US dollar on the precious metal.The European Open brought little changes with the following money power table with USD, the most powerful currency following the opening of the market. Currency power graph Most powerful - USD, weakest - NZD. Source Financial Authorized While bulls and bears continued to do with a jost for a non-victorious position so far, it was a real war for late gold.The price action threatens a negative break during the last one and a half weeks, but the support area of $ 1950 continues. The fact that US policy makers could not reach an agreement on the US debt ceiling enables the retreat and withdrawal of prices.If he needs more motivation to make an agreement, I hope that much.Meclis representative Kevin McCarthy remained very positive in his words at a press conference and excluded tax increases on the rich and confirmed that a significant number of concessions were made. Trade is smarter - to the DailyFX , subscribe to the Bullette from the DailyFX team on a timely and compelling market interpretation. Federal Reserve Minutes version, late policy makers after a series of hawk comments could not provide more clarity about the US monetary policy. The main inferences coming from the minutes, whether the policy makers will continue to march or decide to pause at this stage.There is another CPI pressure that can prove that the central banks are the keys for the next policy steps. Before the basic core of tomorrow, there is a little data about Docket from the United States before the PCE version of tomorrow. GSYİH growth rate 2. A positive reading and a positive unemployed claim pressure on the estimation and a positive unemployed rights claim can continue to support the US $ 1950 -dollar support area. See DailyFX calendar for all the economic versions and events that move market Technical view and recent thoughts Create a technical perspective, the gold price action has been traced more negatively for a while, but in the game, the wider macro has been largely overshadowed by a wider macro picture. The handle of $ 1950 remains even more negative at this stage. My skepticism around the movement will not have any definite agreement or default on the debt ceiling of such a movement.As you do, there is a real possibility that the company can make until June 1 with price fluctuation. Key intraday levels to keep an eye on Support levels 1950 1935 1925 Resistance levels 1970 1983 2000 Gold Daily Graph - 25 May 2023 Source Graphics prepared by TradingView, Zain Vawda The gold decline data provided by customers is clear. Changes in long shorts Oi daily 13 -17% 2% 2% 2 9 -17% 0% By zain vawda, markets for dailyfx Contact Zain on Twitter and follow zvawda