At the Cabinet meeting of Sunday, a government decision to claim "Zionist values" is planned to be submitted to the vote in all matters of government policy on all issues and especially on the settlement attempts.Despite the expected international criticism and the possible opposition of the Chief Public Prosecutor. The decision made by the far -right Otzma Yehudit Party's Negev, Calilee and the Minister of National Pilgr Yitzhak Wasserlauf, the Zionist values that he tries to encourage the controversial basic law The Jewish people are based on the values expressed in the nation -state.When it passed in 2018, anger between minorities in the country. This law argues that only the Jewish people have the right to appoint their own destiny in the State of Israel and sees it as a national value in which they will encourage and advance the "development of the Jewish settlement". Wasserlauf's decision clearly seems to have focused on advancement of Jewish existence in the West Bank and Israel, and the decision of the decision is especially valid for state institutions such as land allocation and construction planning, such as Israel.Land Authority and National Planning and Construction Council. National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, led by Gvir Otzma Jehudit, a fiery opposition of the Palestinian state in the West Bank and a strong advocate of the expansion of Israel's settlements in the region and the party, the party has added a special substance to the coalition agreement.Approximately 70 illegal settlements built without the government's permission. Take The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by e-mail and never miss our most read news, take a bulletin e-mail address, you will accept the conditions Apparently, the main purpose of Wasserlauf's decision will be to expand the West Bank settlements. Otzma Yehudit also defended policies of Israel, which constitutes about 20 percent of the population, has a negative opinion about the Arabic minority and encourages Arab migration from Israel. In the decision of Wasserlauf, the articles indicating that "interests" will be given to those who do military service or military service, the majority of Arab citizens can be used to provide social and social assistance to the Jewish population, since they do not provide military service or national service.service. However, the decision stipulates that, although the principle of equality is not explicitly included in these laws, Israel will not deviate from the principles of the current semi -constitutional basis. On Thursday, despite the news that the voting on the Hebrew press will be postponed, Wasserlauf's office expects the vote to be held on Sunday. However, the Ministry did not answer questions about the special nature of the benefits mentioned in the decision. “We determine that the values of Zionism will be guiding and decisive values in the establishment of public administration policy, domestic and foreign policy and legislation, as expressed in Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.The state activity and all units and organizations provide interests to those who work in military and security services or civilian services, especially in the settlement areas, and those who perform the duty of war. ”resolution. "This does not deviate from the principles included in the existing basic laws," he adds. The explanatory text of the decision, "Sometimes", evaluations currently used by the government and various branches "ignore the basic Zionist values", especially the Jewish people "the" Islamic lands that express the right to self -determination of the values of self -determination, "he says.Israel ”,“ Settlement, security, culture and migration [in the field] ”. The use of the term “Israeli Country”, which is not only the sovereign region of the Israeli State, but the whole region between the Jordanian River and the Mediterranean, including the West Bank and Gaza, is the policies of Wasserlauf through the decision of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. On Thursday, a large number of Hebrew media organizations stated that a high -level official from the Chief Public Prosecutor gave a status of a status above the values of Zionism, giving a status above the other basic values with the same normative values, and prepared a legal opinion against the decision.Status in constitutional terms. " However, Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Gil Limon, who wrote the opinion, added that the law was "practically declared". Times of Israel understands that the view is a draft and that the final position on the decision is not yet finalized. Wasserlauf's decision was strongly condemned by former Foreign and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni when he first announced his intention to vote in the cabinet earlier this year. “This is not Zionism, but the continuation of this nationalist madness and the Equality values in the Declaration of Independence, which says 'the state of Israel will strive for the development of the land', once again spit.All the inhabitants, 'Liv Livni wrote on Twitter.