Beijing has deteriorated diplomatic friction between the US and China, after threatening measures that have threatened measures against US organizations to weaken Chinese sovereignty of the high altitude balloons of the US, the high altitude balloons of the US. Washington and Beijing, this month, the US army called the Chinese spy balloon on the coast of the southern Carolina, after dropping in a struggle against the flying objects. This week, China claimed that US balloons have been flying over 10 times on worldwide flights since May 2022 without permission.The White House objected to it. He did not produce any evidence or feature of the allegations, but on Wednesday, the United States claimed that Beijing was accused of comprehensive human rights violations against the non -inn without the inn. "Without the approval of the relevant Chinese authorities, China's Xinjiang, Tibet and other states flew illegally on China's regional airspace," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wenbin said on Wednesday. " US Deputy Foreign Minister Wendy Sherman reiterated China's claims about US balloons wrong. “Now they said that there was a gazillion balloon on China by the US. This is absolutely not true. Wang also accused the Japanese government of making “unfounded claims önce after Saga has pushed the Ministry of Defense in Tokyo to revive the landscapes of unidentified air objects since November 2019. The ministry announced on Tuesday, that the new analysis was “strongly” Chinese spy balloons and that “the Chinese government strongly demands the facts to approve the facts”. Wang accused Japan of “finding” without a solid evidence… China has repeatedly shared information about the unwanted entry of China civilian unmanned zepe into the US airspace.It should stop following the US case of dramatizing it." Washington added six Chinese organizations to Beijing's suspicious surveillance balloon program on the connections. Wang described the sanctions as illegal.He will take measures, ”he said. Although the balloon dispatch said that US President Joe Biden said he did not believe that the ties between the two countries were weakened, both sides delayed efforts to try to patch their worn relationships. Sources said that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken postponed a trip planned to Beijing on the balloon, and China's best diplomat Wang is planning to meet this week in Munich. Deputy Wendy Sherman said on Wednesday that communication with China did not stop, but did not give any details about future high -level meetings. “We hope that the conditions will make sense that we will see each other again face to face. There is no announcement today,” he said. With Reuters