Nikki Haley's 2024 presidential campaign does not make a great start, because no one seems to understand why it seems to be such a desperate effort.”Even if he wants to win the Republican candidacy, Haley, first of all, will open a very challenging case about why it is a better option than the former president. Haley joined Sean Hannity on Wednesday night to discuss the newly launched campaign. Hannity asked him to explain what separates him from Trump., he did not say anything, he just stressed that he could not kicked the sides ”. Hannity: What kind of policy areas would you say with Donald Trump? Haley: What I say is not the side of the side, I stand forward .. I will not kick the sides .. On Thursday morning, Fox & Friends did not perform much better during a view and once again refused to distinguish himself from Trump. “President Trump is my friend,” he said before.He said he believed that he would be successful in the competence test that he said that all politicians over 75 years of age should be successful on Wednesday. KIRMEADE: Donald Trump is a 76 -year -old competence test? Nikki Haley: You know, I think he did it great when he did it last. Haley will not be kicking towards the side ”, but since Trump has been ruthlessly attacking since it entered the race.He sent a press release titled “Real Nikki Haley üzere, which includes the attack list. Trump also goes on Social after Haley, and claims that he said he would never run against him, and even the only reason he appointed the UN Ambassador is because he was such an incompetent governor. “Nikki Haley's biggest thing for our country and the Great Province of South Carolina was to accept the position of the United Nations Ambassador, so the incredible governor Henry McMaster could be the governor of South Carolina, here is a great job with a great job here, Tr Trump wrote Wednesday.“This was a great reason for my appointment of Nikki to the position - it was a favor for the people I love in South Carolina! Param Trend Paramore, 'Kimmel' to 'Kimmel'e' Running time 'Bring Trump, 2020 at 2020If the White House, who supports Trump, withdraws Haley, he plans to bring back his group executions, he says that the President should not be old, he wrote for a famous album throughout the year and only $ 4,000 Considering the hopes of reaching any place in a GOP primary, Haley, Haley, can touch the profile to burn his profile, hoping Trump can touch him as his running friend. Trump's attack line argues that he will look elsewhere.