Kahramanmaras -Turkish Savior, Turkish rescuers, hopes to find more survival last week's destructive earthquake rubble from a 17-year-old girl. Aleyna Olmez was rescued 248 hours after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake straightened all cities and killed approximately 40,000 people in Southeast Turkey and Syria regions. Participating in the rescue effort, coal mining Ali Akdogan, "He looked healthy. He opened his eyes and closed." "We have been working here in this building for a week ... We came here in the hope of hearing sounds," he said. "We are happy when we find something living - even a cat." His uncle hugged the savior one by one and said, "We will never forget you." However, after the rescue, Turkish soldiers told the media and the locals to leave the scene because the teams began to remove the bodies from the rubble. Authorities and medical officials, 36,187 people in Turkey and 6 February earthquake and aftershocks in Syria 3,688 people and the approved total of 39,875, he said. Turkey suspended the rescue operation in some Reqions. 2023 AFP Gotopnews.com