The leader of a far-right political party in Belrad-Sirbistan was arrested by the police in Belgrade following a rally of violent nationalists on February 15th. Damjan Knezevic, President of Narodna Patrol or People's Patrol, was detained by the police on 16 February with the other two unidentified members of the far -right group. They were accused of encouraging violence and weapons violations. The arrests demanded that President Aleksandar Vucic rejected the West plan to normalize the ties with Kosovo and get rid of negotiations, one day after hundreds of Serbian nationalists were gathered in Belgrade. "Treason!"And the right -wing protesters carrying the posters that write “no surrender”, they prevented traffic when they gathered near the Serbian Presidential building in the center of Belgrade. Some of the estimated 1,000 protesters tear protective metal fences around the building at the end of the rally, but prevented the Riot police from reaching the entrance. The protest came to the US and the European Union officials due to the efforts of a long -standing resolution between Serbia and Kosovo, a former state of Independence, the 2008 Declaration of Independence Belgrade. Watch: The police in Belgrade blocked the right -wing protesters trying to launch the country's presidential building after a rally to mark the Serbian State Day. The crowd "Serbia! Russia!"And the Russian mercenary group Wagner's symbols and the Russian army was seen in the crowd. After the protest, Vuci held a meeting with security services and said he would not allow Serbia to "threaten the constitutional order with any help from outside - the West or East." The patrol of the people is known for its anti -immigrant actions and events supporting Russia in Belgrade because the Kremlin launched an unreasonable occupation of Ukraine about a year ago. In November, Knezevic visited the Wagner Center in Russia and the organization is behind a wall painting in Belgrade in honor of Wagner. Despite the status of EU membership, Serbia rejects sanctions on Russia and maintains good bilateral relations with Moscow. The US and the EU ambassadors are pressing Belgrade and Pristina to approve a plan to stop making lobbying to take part in international organizations, including the United Nations to approve the plan to normalize the relations presented last year. One of the adhesive points in negotiations about normalizing relationships is the creation of the Municipalities Association in Kosovo with the Serbian majority. The European Union stated that he was ready to help Kosovo and Serbia in the negotiations on the creation of the association. EU spokesman Peter Stano, Kosovo and Serbia, the dialogue, the association's ideas and proposals can be discussed, he said. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Serbia would have to have to "make" difficulty compromises "to solve the state day, Kosovar and Serbian leaders to solve extraordinary problems and normalize their relationships. "I am sure that the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo will bring security and prosperity for all citizens of Serbia and the Western Balkans," Blinken said.Said. "Certainly, Serbian and Kosovo leaders will have difficulty in achieving these goals, but the Serbian people and the whole region will be wide."Said. With AP reporting by AP