London, February 16 - Russian President Vladimir Putin's future will become less final after the country's invasion of Ukraine, but a Western official said on Thursday, but when any change in the Kremlin could be impossible. As the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, some of them have been hoped to increase the reputation of Putin in Russia, as some of the war would drag the war and resources in the elite of Russia. However, according to five senior Russian sources, it remains safe in power. The authority said that Putin was in a much more established political landscape a year ago before starting what Putin called a special operation in Ukraine, but now it was more uncertain. Western official, on the condition of anonymity, told reporters, "People are talking about succession as they weren't a year ago. But what is not a place like Russia is a clear way to change."Said. Authorized, Putin stopped in 2024, Russia's presidential elections, it is difficult to see it is difficult to see. However, although the authority believed that a constitutional change in 2020 will remain in power until the 2030s at the time of a constitutional change, he added that it seems less likely. "At this point, my own assessment was that there is a political leadership that we will have for the next decade."Said. "I think it's much less definite now, but I'm not saying that any change is about to happen closely." Alistair Smout, editing by Kylie Maclellan Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.