DUBAI - The United Arab Emirates opened the mosque, church and the country's first official synagogue residence to encourage the togetherness of the Muslim nation. The oil -rich Gulf Federation, which normalizes relations with Israel in 2020, is home to a small but active Jewish community often praying. İbrahimet Family House, which was opened in the capital Abu Dhabi on Thursday with three worship houses in the same place, is the first example of its genre. "The center will be a platform for learning and dialogue with a model of living."Said. A note official published by Abrahamic Family House shows the interior of Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue at the New Religions in Abu Dhabi Abrahamic Hamily House / Abrahamic Family House / AFP "Visitors are invited to participate in religious services, guided tours, celebrations and opportunities to explore beliefs."Said. The three worship houses are equal and share the same external dimensions. The only synagogue in the Gulf Arab region is in Bahrain, which has a small Jewish community. The Gulf Jewish Communities Association praised the UAE for opening another worship house in the region. "We are particularly excited to see another synagogue built in GCC" , said in a statement. "There is something very special about a synagogue built in a Muslim country." The normalization of the relations between the UAE and Israel was part of the US intermediary, which saw that the Jewish state established diplomatic ties with Bahrain and Morocco. The UAE was the first Gulf country that normalizes ties with Israel, and only the third Arab country after Egypt and Jordan. Abraham's agreements were broken with a long-term Pan-Arab policy to isolate Israel until it was withdrawn from the occupied regions and accepted the Palestinian state. 2023 AFP