On Thursday, the Congress member Ritchie Torres organized a town hall meeting with its founders in NY and was sharply questioned by a pro-Palestinian audience member. In a video published by Twitter user Chascel Bennett, Torres seems to answer a question of a town hall participant. The video did not show him the question, but based on Torres's answer, the question was probably based on the idea that supporting Israel would be morally incomprehensible to support Israel on a genocide against the Palestinians. The congress member announced that the Palestinian population has grown significantly in the last few decades, if the Israeli population had encouraged the population through genocide, it would not grow much. Video: A pro -Palestinian mafia kidnapped the local city hall of the congress member Ritchie Torres at Bronx; Representative Ritchie Torres speaks during the 30 September 2021, Washington, the US Assembly in the United States. Al Drago/Pool) The woman was not satisfied with the response of the audience and continued to interrupt her while answering her.He applauded most of them. Ritchie Torres's support for the Israeli State Torres has become synonymous with the struggle against anti -Semitism and the support of the Israeli State. He is the Vice President of the Security Committee and works at the sub -committee of Cyber Security, Infrastructure Protection and Innovation. "Antisemitism has no place," he wrote a tweet retweet that announced the end of the partnership of Adidas from Associated Press on Twitter in October. Antisemitism has no place.Antisemitism suppliers such as Kanye West should be held responsible in the market. When he was first selected in 2020, Torres said in an interview with the New York Post, Congress women Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib said that there was no intention of participating in the "team".And even from time to time, it was claimed that he made antisemitic comments. During his interview with the New York Post, Torres said that the BDS was unjustly targeted as a movement and that Israel was a form of discrimination of bachelor's discrimination, and that he also touched upon his personal connection with the country through his trips to Israel in 2015 and 2017. In the autumn of 2022, he visited Israel again and visited Yad Vashem. Kanye: I don't think about the problem.ritchietorres) 4 November 2022 Felice Friedson/Media Line and Cody Levine contributed to this report. Gotopnews.com