The first quarter of 2023 points to the financial rebirth of most of the world airlines, especially in the Asian region than most of the Draconian locking closures. A good number set for pal Between 1 January and 31 March , the Philippine Airlines generated $ 776.9 million revenue, a 66% improvement from $ 466.6 million in the first quarter of 2022. Simplefight video of the day to continue the content Airbus The number of passengers grew by 156% compared to the same time last year, and the Philippine Airlines carried 3.4 million customers in the first quarter. In line with increased flight and higher fuel costs, compared to $ 432.8 million annually, operating expenses for the first quarter of 2023 increased by 48% to $ 641.7 million.He recorded $ 108.2 million. Business revenue, in the first quarter of the first quarter of the Pal reported from $ 33.8 million "an important recovery". In the first quarter, Pal re -introduced the routes from the Philippines to various cities in the Chinese mainland, and to the Başkent Airport of Western Australia uninterruptedly uninterruptedHe started flights. Find more news about Asian aviation. The airline also received high demand for many destinations around North America, Middle East, Australia and Asia and in the Philippines. "Once again, we thank our valued customers for their support and the privilege of serving them during this recovery and renewal period. "We bring more powerful healing, transition difficulties affecting our operations, and we undertake to make the productive use of our healing revenues in order to invest in fleet upgrades, product improvements, operational support, and first of all, to invest in security." Pal has a balanced fleet In the quarter financial report, Pal recorded 81 aircraft fleet, only small changes in the types of aircraft recorded from 81 at the end of 2023.The airline has five aircraft including Nine Airbus A320-200S, two Bombardier DHC 8.-400s and four DHC 8-300s. Diane J Payne Other 66, Nine Boeing 777-300ers and ten Bombardier DHC 8-400 are rented. Two A350-900, on A330-300, 21 A321-200, Eight A321neos and Six A320-200s are among the Airbus aircraft.Nine Airbus A350-1000 long-distance aircraft signed an agreement to buy uninterrupted flights to the US and Canada, and flight to Europe on the drawing board. NG said that the new aircraft was added, so that Pal can "provide better service to our flying people". "We order the new long-range Airbus A350-1000 aircraft in the long run to run our transpacific routes and offer our passengers a premium travel experience on the latest generation of planes to fly the Philippine sky." Pal is the only airline that operates uninterrupted flights between the Philippines and North America, and has the largest route and flight network from the Philippines to Japan, Middle East and Australia. Have you been on a pal flight this year? In the comments section, let us know.