Read this at Manila Times Digital Edition. Bangko Sentral NG Pilipinas reported late on Friday, the country's balance of payments has returned to a reckoning for paying some of the government's foreign debts in April. The $ 148 million deficiency was recycled from the P1.27 billion plus published a month ago, but at the same time, the $ 415 million year-down was narrower than the open. "The BOP deficit in April 2023, mainly reflected the outputs caused by payments of foreign exchange debt obligations payments in April 2023," the Central Bank said.Said. However, the BOP position remained positive. There was a improvement of $ 79 million in the same period a year ago. "Cumulative BOP surplus reflects mainly from personal transfer, NG's net foreign borrowings and direct foreign investments," BSP said.Said. news I accept that I have read and accepted the conditions of service and privacy policy, register with a E -Posta address, register for the daily bulletins of Manila Times. Meanwhile, the gross international reserves rose from $ 101.5 billion a month ago to $ 101.8 billion from the end to the end. The Central Bank represents more than enough external liquidity bumper equivalent to the latest GIR level, 7.6 -month importation and service and primary income payment. "Said. "At the same time, the country's original maturity -based short -term external debt is about 6.0 times and now 4.1 times based on maturity." The GIR level grew per month despite the April BOP deficit, which BSP said that it was caused by upward renovation arrangements in gold assets and foreign currency sect. "The effect of non -economic transactions such as re -valuation regulations in the calculation of the BOP position is excluded." Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.Chief economist Michael Ricafort said that wider trade deficits contribute to the exposure. Authorized, 2 billion dollars of retail bonds expected to export the expected third quarter of the country's BOP position and gir levels will help improve, he added.