The Development Bank , which is operated by the State State, is ready to provide the necessary financing to all players in the energy industry to support the efforts of the national government to accelerate the attempts to meet the increasing demand for increasing power demand fed by a rapidly expanding economy. DBP Chairman and Executive Officer Michael de Jesus said that the bank's credit programs for the energy sector will be beneficial for companies that want to expand capacity or engage in energy production projects, especially in the country's inadequate service area areas. "DBP is ready to provide the necessary financial and technical assistance to all companies looking for new opportunities to meet the expanding energy requirements, especially in regions where economic activity is revived."Said. The DBP is the eighth largest bank in terms of assets and the financing needs of the national government's strategic and critical economic sectors, especially infrastructure and logistics, micro, small and medium -sized enterprises, social services, social services and environment. In accordance with the Ministry of Energy's 2020-2040 Philipini Energy Plan, the highest power demand of the Philippines will increase four times an annual increase in 2040 from 15.282 MW recorded in 2020. news I accept that I have read and accepted the conditions of service and privacy policy, register with a E -Posta address, register for the daily bulletins of Manila Times. De Jesus is currently gathered under financing public services for Sustainable Energy Development, which has already contributed more than P78.489 billion in the energy sector, which has already contributed more than P78.489 billion in the energy sector. P58 billion is expected to coach the P58 billion for additional investments, including the investigation and development of DBP, the construction of additional energy power plants and transmission networks and the establishment of energy facilities in a continuous and reliable way. "Together with President Marcos [JR.], we are one of the most important affordable, reliable, modern and sustainable electricity services in our ruthless driving force for economic growth."Said.