Grab Philippines At the weekend, Grab Philippines said the appropriate drivers have released the remaining 6.6 million pounds of reimbursement, which can be requested by 18 July 2023. "Necessary steps" were taken to immediately comply with the Filipins Competition Commission . Last week, the PCC fined Grab to customers for a total of 25.45 million PB of reimbursement for customers. However, the company claimed that some of the beneficiaries could not do so because they are no longer a users of the vehicle calling application or have Grabpay wallets. The Antitröst Authority led Grab to implement alternative mechanisms to submit the repayments of Grab or to deposit the amounts to the PCC to be forwarded to the Treasury office. news It is delivered to your incoming box, I confirm that I have read and accept the service conditions and privacy policy by signing with an e-mail address of the Manila Times's daily news bulletins. "If you are one of these users, your discount is waiting to be requested through your in -app Grabrewards catalog," Grab said in a 19 May advice document, including instructions on how to access refund. "Reminders were also sent to users via in-app notifications, e-mails and SMS, and also published on Grab's social media platforms and big newspapers." "Similar to those who benefit from repayment, it was reminded that the discounts would end on 18 July 2023 and that the amounts that were not requested would be transferred to the National Treasury of the Philippines in accordance with the PCC decision dated February 2, 2023." The PCC order, which was released in March, fined P9 million in addition to the penalties imposed since Grab acquired the Filipins operations in 2018.The approval of the agreement came with the pricing commitments that Grab has violated. The company claimed that it has completed the repayment several times, but as of April last year, the PCC said that only 73.80 percent of P25.45 million were repaid. Grab Philippines Public Relations Director Sherilysse Bonifacio said last week that the transportation network company intends to fulfill the reimbursement obligation for Grab users for travels between 2018 and 2019. He said that Grab successfully returned 18.78 million pounds and was in constant communication with the PCC on how to return the remaining 6.66 million pounds. He added that the latest decision has provided a clear guidance to the company and hopes that it will solve the refund problem.