Last week, the Land Transportation Franchising Organizing Board President Teofilo Guadiz 3, Transport Network Companies sent a warning for driving application to compliance with the rules or results of the results. The warning caused by LTFRB from a complaint that reported a TNC that implements what is called the system "before booking" by the Philippine Vehicles Coalition . According to the complaint, the Joyride application requires a series of clues or gratitude before going to the TNC, suburban reservation page. This forces TNC's customer to pay a clue even before receiving service. TWG has not been appropriate before and has not allowed it. news I accept that I have read and accepted the conditions of service and privacy policy, register with a E -Posta address, register for the daily bulletins of Manila Times. Tips are usually given after a service is delivered. After eating, the waiters, the doorman after opening the door, we parked after parked or after the parking slots and after the journey taxi drivers. The amount of tips depends on the quality of service provided or may be a larger amount for excellent service. It is not appropriate to request a clue before providing a service. However, according to the CFC, the Joyride application demands a clue to offer a customer before making a driving reservation. This is not only an evil for the customer, but also encourages a bid of bid at busy hours when the demand is high. The service provider here has the option to accept the customer offering the largest clue, because the reservation occurs after only one hint is offered. Because of this application, a P200 journey hurriedly cost P600 for a suburban. This is not a good thing for our poor Philippine vehicles. Fortunately, Guadiz saw this and stopped the application before the driving business world, even if it was illegal. This is a good action from LTFRB to deal with a condemned application by Joyride.