Lufthansa added the order book by purchasing four double-engine Airbus A350-900 width. Another order in books This morning, Germany's national airline Airbus Airbus'un new generation twin-corridor A350-900 model has accepted to buy four more examples. This type of aircraft is already the most wide body and carrier's importance in the coming years seems ready to grow.The airline said today Simplefight video of the day to continue the content "Lufthansa currently runs 21 Airbus A350-900S and ordered five A350-900 and ten A350-1000 by March 2023. In total, Lufthansa holds 38 companies order for this high-efficiency Airbus long-distance aircraft and the Grand Airbus A350 customer." Kittikun Yoksap As it stops, the only airline that flys the Airbus A350 in the Lufthansa Lufthansa group.As it has reported last December, these modern widths will replace the airline and do not become more rejuvenated. the latest European aviation news! EX -latam Aircraft will be added The four A350-900s ordered today, not new aircraft, the old late latam extensive, 13 of the 13 of the airline company as a part of the process of restructuring the process after the decision to refer to the market.will supply either. As for the rest of Latam's A350s, Delta Air Lines took nine. The data obtained from the Nine.It is that the machines can take their hands faster without waiting to round the assembly line. Vincenzo Pace I Simple Flying Indeed, the process will be so fast that the German airline expects the aircraft to be delivered before the end of the year.with places. Lufthansa was not the first time to deliver used aircraft or to deliver the used A350s. In 2022, the airline added four A350-900 from an early ending. Lufthansa's current A350 fleet The Airbus A350-900s, which Lufthansa already fly, are among the newest aircraft. As mentioned before, it has 21 samples of the kind and the Ch-Aviation data shows that its average age is only 4.9 years old.Half of the age is under 12.8 years of age. According to Aerolopa, the German flag carrier has two different seating configurations for the Airbus A350-900 aircraft.1-2-1 with direct corridor access has a layout. However, this is not the case in the other configuration. Bring the latest aviation news directly sign up for our bulletins today! Lufthansa Other Order of 303 Chairs 224 Economics, 21 Premium Economy and 24 Business Class Passengers. The second of these cabins is different as a configuration of 2-2-2 with a configuration of 2-2-2, which rejects the direct corridor access of the passengers with window seats.Compared to the eight of the other installation, it offers a more attractive premium economy product with only seven seats per row. The agreement follows a last big order This was not the first time in the news about Lufthansa's Airbus A350-900 order this year.He saw that he signed an agreement for the 900 and ten stretched missile A350-900S. What are you doing from this order? Have you flew to one of Lufthansa's current Airbus A350-900s? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in comments! Sources aerolopa, ch-aviation