Three large Japanese automobile manufacturers will reveal prototype mini-commercial van electric vehicles equipped with a common developed BEV system. Companies Suzuki Motor Corp., Daihatsu Motor Co.Ltd.and Toyota Motor Corp. The statement will take place at an exhibition event that introduces the efforts of the automobile industry to achieve carbon neutrality between 18-21 May 2023.The exhibition event will be organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association with the G7 Hiroshima Summit. "Three companies, Suzuki and Daihatsu's mini -commercial Van Bev'i Toyota'nın electrification technology to create small -sized cars by combining expertise to develop a suitable BEV system for mini commercial vehicles, and Suzuki, Daehatsuve Toyota'nın Mali MaliIn 2023, he will publish his own versions. Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corp. also participated in planning to reach the most suitable features for the last efficient miles. " It is expected to be about 200 kilometers per fee and the development continues to develop a tool that can fully meet the needs of customers in the delivery sector. news I accept that I have read and accepted the conditions of service and privacy policy, register with a E -Posta address, register for the daily bulletins of Manila Times. Three companies Suzuki, Daihatsu and Toyota will continue to encourage their efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by providing sustainable transportation vehicles.