La Trinidad, a 74 -bed Higher Education Hospital in the mountainous region of Benguet, Divine Grace Cordillera Hospital makes quality health services more accessible for patients while establishing the first MRI for free. Magnetom, which belongs to the new generation browsers of Siemens Healthineers, provides excellent quality with AI-based digital technologies on the new and unique High-V MRI platform of the company.And it does not contain helium with design-an ideal option for hospitals with difficulties in distributing MRIs in their floors or facilities. "Some hospitals outside the Baguio City in Cordillera Administrative Zone are not well equipped yet. Patients are limited to the current source of health close to them. Even then, they will still have to travel at long distances.The design makes it an ideal solution for hospitals that want to reduce operational and maintenance costs in order to better focus on the welfare of our patients. "Divine grace hospital. MR imaging is used to diagnose soft tissue and plays a central role in early diagnosis and treatment of various diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases and orthopedic problems.Many patients would have to travel to other cities or towns just to get MRI. "There are many restrictive factors that MRI is not common in many parts of the Philippines. These difficulties can be related to installation, operations and even maintenance due to the cost and complexity of distributing a conventional MRI in Siemens Healthineers.Magnetom Free. Star is a browser designed to cope with these four areas to close this gap in health services. " news I accept that I have read and accepted the conditions of service and privacy policy, register with a E -Posta address, register for the daily bulletins of Manila Times. Magnetom has a 60 -centimeter patient hole and uses Drycool magnet technology that requires less liquid helium than a liter to cool MRI.The assembly of a safety extinguishing pipe that allowed to be discharged into the air was necessary. For this new high V MRI browser, large helium inventory and construction measures are no longer necessary. Since the complex openings of buildings can be avoided during installation, the complex openings of buildings can be avoided.