Read this in The Manila Times digital edition. PARIS According to a study conducted on Wednesday, with the support of worldwide companies, banks, oil giants and automobile manufacturers, distributed a record dividend of $ 326.7 billion in the first quarter. According to the report of asset management company Janus Henderson, global dividends increased by 12 percent between January and March compared to the same period of 2022, which was already the highest level of all time. "The first quarter is much more impressive, considering that 2022 is a difficult year for the global economy with high inflation, increasing interest rates, conflict and ongoing COVİD locks," the first quarter of the first quarter, "he said.. According to the report, one -time special dividends reached $ 28.8 billion in the three -month period, which has been the second highest amount since the first quarter of 2014. US car manufacturer Ford and German rival Volkswagen, almost one -third of all special dividends. news It is delivered to your incoming box, I confirm that I have read and accept the service conditions and privacy policy by signing with an e-mail address of the Manila Times's daily news bulletins. "As a result, headline payments made from the vehicle industry increased 10 times to year," Janus Henderson said in a Henderson report. Volkswagen used Porsche's income from the stock listing to pay a total of $ 6.3 billion. Globally, 95 percent of companies increased or kept their dividends in the first quarter. According to Janus Henderson, it is estimated that companies will distribute a total of $ 1.6 trillion dividends in 2023.