Manıla - Bangko Sentral NG Pilipinas said in a statement on Thursday that foreign portfolio investments registered to the Central Bank provided a net output of $ 352 million in April. BSP, in April, recorded by authorized intermediary banks, foreign investments recorded by $ 1.1 billion gross output and 713 million dollars of gross entries, he said. This is higher than the $ 70 million net output in March and a reversal of $ 1.4 billion recorded in April 2022. Portfolio investments are sometimes referred to as "hot money" due to ease of entry and exit to an economy. BSP, the majority of the registered investments or 57.3 percent of the securities listed in the PSE, the remaining 42.7 percent of PEZO state bonds and other vehicles, he said. "For the Moon, the top five investor countries were the United Kingdom, the United States , Singapore, Luxembourg and Norway, and a total of 84.1 percent of the share of the United Kingdom," he said.